English teacher & sometimes writer/artist based in D.C.

Email me at laurenhcdavis@gmail.com


Creative Teaching and Teaching Creativity: How to Foster Creativity in the Classroom, Psych Learning Curve (American Psychological Association), 2018

Horses Can Read Human Facial Expressions The Atlantic, 2016

Do Emotions and Morality Mix? The Atlantic, 2016

When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom, The Atlantic, 2015

Would You Pull the Trolley Switch? Does it Matter? The Atlantic, 2015

The Economic Case for Worldwide VegetarianismThe Atlantic, 2016

The Flight From ConversationThe Atlantic, 2015

The Ivy League, Mental Illness, and the Meaning of LifeThe Atlantic, 2014

Backyard Politics in New HampshireThe Atlantic, 2015

We Are the WalrusNassau Weekly, 2015

The Great American Grand PrixNassau Weekly, 2015


Some examples of commissioned and personal work. I enjoy using pencil, charcoal, pen, watercolor, and photoshop.

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