Malcolm X Park #1

I bathe in dusk while the mockingbirds build, the starlings gossip, and the sparrows nag. A mosquito brushes my face … More

Snowmen, Snats, and Pigoons

Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood I knew Margaret Atwood was careful crafter of dystopias after reading The Handmaid’s Tale … More

My Houseplants

I wonder if they know that I can hear their roots burrowing, and their stems stretching, and their leaves sighing. … More

Piano Lessons

With a palpably shiny bald spot and a temper wound tighter by every passing year, Mr. East was, at best, … More

Quantum Crime

Echoing up 15th Street, I hear the rotten rotor cuffs of the political vehicle hurtling along democracy’s poorly-paved lane: the … More

The Last Leaf

May I never be the last leaf still clinging to the tree, rattling out her self-pitying song though autumn’s long … More

Ode to Webster

“Look it up!” I repeat this daily refrain like the worn-out chorus of a pop song. “How do you spell … More

Don’t Swat the Skeptic

Climate activists, climate deniers, climate heretics. Every era has its debates that ring with the moral fervor of religion. I’ve … More

Folk in the Fortress

Verbs are the engines of sentences. The advice from master writers: ditch the adjectives and adverbs—they add flourish, but not … More

Borrowed Gardens

Among DC’s finest features are the townhouse gardens—dutifully tended patches of nature that spring up all around my neighborhood, in … More